Avast Antivirus Review 2019

Avast Review Highlights

Avast virus protection programs include important antivirus protection but are limited in offering additional features valuable in home security. Considering the simplistic nature of the software, the price point is a bit on the expensive side.
    Features Include:
  • The software detects security threats on the home network
  • Browser cleanup is available
  • Mobile security includes excellent anti-theft features

Company Overview

The 1997 Vienna Virus was eventually neutralized, but not before two researchers at an institute in Prague named Paul Baudiš and Eduard Kučera became intrigued by the code. Baudiš wrote a program to remove the virus, leading Baudiš and Kučera to form ALWIL Software in 1988. They released the first Avast antivirus, but were unable to incorporate until after Czechoslovak independence.

By 1995 the company that would become Avast released the first antivirus program for Windows 95, resulting in industry recognition and awards. Due to a strongly held belief that all computer users deserve protection from threats, the team launched a free antivirus solution for home users in 2001. Only 30 months later, one million were using the program. The product swept the SC Awards, and by the end of 2006 the number of users had reached 20 million. That number reached 100 million just three years later, and by 2014 the number of active users was over 230 million.

Software Features

Avast has earned its loyal users and industry acclaim through its free antivirus product. This antivirus protection includes top solutions for preventing attacks for both PCs and Macs, as well as several other advanced features for home users: antivirus, browser cleanup, and network security.

Antivirus features allow your computer to combat the vulnerabilities associated with plug-ins, browsers and the operating systems on home computers. Avast software does not just prevent malicious attacks; their browser cleanup feature removes annoying programs commonly downloaded by mistake such as unwanted browser toolbars. The program can restore hijacked search browsers. The antivirus protection extends to home networks. With their network security feature, the antivirus software detects and prevents attacks on the network or any routers.

The premiere product also includes protection from fake websites, spam and unwanted recovery of old or deleted data. Other features of the premiere product include: secure online shopping and banking, firewall protection, software updater, and online support.

Avast also free protection for Android and iPhone mobile devices. The mobile security program covers threats associated with modern smartphones such as antivirus scans of apps and memory card contents, an app manager and call filtering.

The software offers a large selection of helpful remote lock, locate and memory wipe selection in case of loss or theft. Valuable anti-theft features built in to the mobile security program include: self-protection to hinder a thief’s attempts to remove the anti-theft program, a trusted SIM card list for the phone, and options to wipe all personal information from the device.


Avast’s computer antivirus protection does a lot of the security work for users that often gets neglected. The program is not just a virus cleaner, but a software updater, a firewall, a network scanner and other key protection measures that users can forget to implement on their own. The program automatically detects and deletes malicious code.

Mobile security makes it difficult for thieves to remove the antivirus protection from the phone, but easy for users to manage settings for remote use or internet access while on Wi-Fi or roaming.

The antivirus software is easy to turn on and off for users who need to manage firewall settings while downloading from trusted sites or gamers who need simple management options.

Customer Support

Technical support for Avast software is offered around the clock for installation questions or errors, configuration issues and update issues from paid users. All users also have the option to submit a ticket online for non-urgent issues. Avast also supports a large user forum where participants may ask or answer a technical question about the products.


Avast’s standard antivirus programs are free. The protection includes virus scanner and virus removal capabilities as well as browser cleanup and network security options. The comprehensive mobile device security features are also free.

Paid subscriptions start as low as $34.99. All programs include a 30-day money back guarantee.

Our Verdict

Avast has solid products and support for both Windows antivirus and Mac antivirus protection. The company’s good reputation is well-deserved due to the quality of protection it offers for their free product. However, even their paid products are quite limited in more advanced security features. The company does provide valuable smartphone features with their mobile security product that are especially useful in cases of theft or loss.

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