BullGuard Antivirus Review 2019

BullGuard Review Highlights

BullGuard can offer virtually every user a safe and secure online experience thanks to their years in the industry. This includes effective and easy-to-use BullGuard virus protection, in addition to services aimed at preventing online identify theft.
    Features Include:
  • BullGuard antivirus software features an extremely user friendly interface
  • The customizable scan settings allow users to run checks as they see fit
  • Top-quality malware detection rates rival leading names in the business

Company Overview

Offering premiere service since 2002, BullGuard has the experience essential to fulfill every client need with an assortment of online security products. This longevity is due in no small part to its high-quality staff, which includes innovative thinkers from many different fields and disciplines. As a result, BullGuard is steadily becoming a trusted name in internet security for the protection of both PCs and mobile devices. Through a combination of technical know-how and ground breaking innovation, they afford customers a number of essential online security services, while also providing efficient and reliable back-up methods. BullGuard can even help consumers keep their identities protected online, which is becoming a growing concern for many. Clients can also look forward to quality service in the form of their 24/7 customer support system, which features both live chat and email options for maximum convenience.

Software Features

PC antivirus software by BullGuard can offer users a variety of features essential to maintaining the highest available levels of security, while also ensuring ultimate functionality and ease-of-use. Unlike other types of antivirus software, BullGuard features multiple levels of protection, which can help keep your computer free of many types of threats. Safe browsing is possible through this software’s innovative features, which alerts users to damaging code concealed in certain websites. Additionally, BullGuard software is simple to install and use, thanks to the highly intuitive interface. Users can also customize settings as they see fit, thereby creating a personalized protection plan of their very own. This includes functions like setting spam-filter levels, implementing virus scanner schedules, and initiating anti spyware capabilities necessary for warding off unwanted visitors to your PC. Other notable features include a proactive threat response, which makes use of behavioral detection to best defend users from unknown online risks. This can be beneficial to avoiding malicious sites which can sometimes infect a computer without warning. BullGuard even allows your computer to maintain peak operational ability at all times, unlike other antivirus programs which can greatly hamper overall performance.


As mentioned above, BullGuard antivirus features a simple and effective interface that allows computer users of every skill level to operate this software with ease. This is true of both the installation process, as well as setting controls to your exact specifications. Customization can play a huge role in remaining protected, and BullGuard's customizable controls work well in this respect. Because BullGuard programs don't inhibit PC performance, users will never have to deal with faulty operation caused by their antivirus systems during scans and other tasks. Automatic detection of threats is also quite useful, as well as the capability to increase protection levels on things like spam-filters and during virus removal.

Customer Support

BullGuard also offers comprehensive tech support for those instances when you have questions about your software. Users can connect with representatives via email or live chat when addressing their operational issues. Remote access is also possible, which entails a BullGuard representative accessing your PC remotely to determine the problem and offer a solution. The BullGuard forums can also be beneficial to those seeking additional perspectives to their support questions.


When it comes to cost, BullGuard offers a few different pricing options to customers. Premium Protection offers the full range of BullGuard services, from virus removal to personalized protection plans for financial and other sensitive data. Users can increase the duration of their subscription for an added fee, with the maximum of three years available. Multiple licenses are also available for purchase for those seeking protection across numerous devices. Premium packages include a 30-day money back guarantee, which lets consumers return the software within 30 days, free of charge.

Our Verdict

Overall, BullGuard Antivirus Software has much to offer users seeking a safe and cost-effective method of protecting their PCs. Those in search of rigorous protection against numerous online threats are sure to find this software well-suited to their needs, whether that entails preventing malware attacks or steering clear of sites containing harmful code. The usability of this antivirus program can be a good fit for a number of users. Additionally, BullGuard offers great customer support via a few different methods. The only real downside to BullGuard antivirus is that first time users may be confounded by customizable protection levels. Of course, this issue can easily be resolved by contacting a service representative, who can help clear up any confusion regarding this software's full capabilities.

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