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ESET Review Highlights

ESET antivirus software offers a variety of top-of-the line security features that allow home users to surf the Internet safely without worrying about system performance growing sluggish. The award-winning antivirus protection technology detects threats in real-time and can protect a variety of devices, including computers, phones and tablets.
    Features Include:
  • ESET Education that shows you how to protect against hackers, scams and cyber threats
  • A strong personal firewall and a barrier against unwanted data copying
  • Twitter and Facebook protection lets you manage how visible your sensitive personal information is on social media

Company Overview

The history of ESET stretches back to 1987 with two programmers named Miroslav Trnka and Peter Paško and their discovery of one of the first computer viruses in history. After writing a program to detect the “Vienna” virus, the two went on to discover several other viruses. Since then, the Bratislava-based company has gone on to amass more than 800 employees scattered across the globe and has created award-winning antivirus software. In addition to having regional distribution centers all over the world, ESET also has a large network of malware research centers.

The company has proven to be a pioneer in proactive threat detection. The ESET NOD32 Antivirus program has attained the longest unbroken record of earning the Virus Bulletin VB100 Award, which is further proof of the company’s commitment to superior performance. The company was given the SC Magazine Reader Trust Award in 2012 by IT security executives.

Software Features

Examples of software features included in ESET virus protection include an exploit blocker for attacks made specifically to bypass antivirus software detection that extends to PDF readers and web browsers. Users also have access to an advanced memory scanner that offers upgraded protection for multi-layered malware that utilizes several different types of encryption to hide activity. The anti-theft feature included on the ESET Smart Security program allows you to locate a lost laptop by utilizing nearby Wi-Fi signals. In addition to narrowing down where the laptop is, users can receive images of screen activity and use the laptop’s camera to take pictures and gather visual clues.

ESET’s cutting-edge detection technology comes with all-new botnet protection that safeguards users against botnet malware infiltration designed to launch network and spam attacks from the user’s own computer. While in gamer mode, ESET antivirus software switches to silent so users can enjoy gaming or movie watching in fullscreen mode. The personal firewall is also used to protect users connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots in order to keep their personal data safe.

The multi-device security software offers flexible protection for up to 10 devices, including Mac computers, Android smartphones and Windows devices. Kids stay safe while online with parental controls that can block out more than 20 website categories. Mobile and tablet security includes a remote siren, remote wipe, SIM guard, remote lock, and a filer for calls and text messages.


ESET’s antivirus software is designed with a simple user interface and is easy to set up. Users can also personalize the software to meet their specific needs or stick with ESET’s default settings. No matter if the software is being used on Windows, Mac or Android, it’s designed to operate at full efficiency without slowing down the device’s normal performance.

Individuals in need of online protection for their home office can rest easy knowing business, client and employee information remains safe and that employees have complete privacy while using personal devices. Rather than wait for antivirus signature updates, ESET uses a scanning engine that continuously detects malware that might not be discovered or catalogued yet.

Customer Support

ESET offers quick links for installation errors, activation assistance, password and user name problems, and virus detection. Users can type their questions into the ESET search engine and find help on the security forum. Additional forum topics include FAQs, mobile security, malware detection and virus removal. Customer service representatives can be called Monday through Friday or emailed. Additional support is offered in knowledge base videos, which include more than a hundred video tutorials.


Pricing for ESET online security depends on the level of protection a user desires. Currently, the prices range from $39.99 for 1 device to $99.99 for 10 devices. Starting prices are good for a full year, but discounted plans are available for those who opt for two years of protection.

ESET offers free technical support with each level of computer antivirus software. The 30-day money back guarantee offers customers a complete refund of their money if the software is returned within 30 days of the original purchase date on the ESET eStore.

Our Verdict

With an abundance of awards and professional industry praise, home users can do quite well with ESET’s virus protection software. With the most up-to-date protection, users can act on viruses and malware before there’s any danger rather than react once the malware or virus has successfully infected their computer. Overall, ESET offers a flexible and intuitive solution for home users.

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