Kaspersky Antivirus Review 2019

Kaspersky Review Highlights

Kaspersky virus protection software has a strong pack of security features and an impressive user interface that makes it one of the strongest PC antivirus software available.
    Features Include:
  • Virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers allowing for secure data entry
  • Customizable security and malware detection actions
  • Intuitive system cleanup and optimization tools

Company Overview

Originally started as a joint venture between Eugene Kaspersky and his ex-wife Natalia, Kaspersky Labs was founded in 1997. Eugene created the software, but his ex-wife was the one who initially ran the company. Kaspersky Labs is one of the fastest growing IT security companies in the world. Operating in more than 200 countries, Kaspersky Labs remains a leading vendor of IT security solutions for endpoint users across the globe.

Although the company’s main focus is to provide superior IT security products for large enterprises and midsized and small business clients, it regularly creates technology products and services for over 400 million users worldwide. By working together with many global IT security organizations, agencies and communities, Kaspersky Labs is able to continuously conduct investigations that enable them to stay ahead of the competition and provide their users with state of the art protection against old, new and emerging cyber threats.

Software Features

Kaspersky offers Windows 8 PC users enhanced protection, performance, and optimization. The software provides better and refreshed GUI speeds, is easy on resources and quick and easy to install and activate. Kaspersky can be installed directly without users having to make any modifications to their computer settings. Once installed, the program automatically detects which option is best for detecting and dealing with malware.

One of Kaspersky’s most important features is its ability to prevent, detect and remove more malware, rootkits, screen lockers, security exploits and viruses than many of its competitors. Kaspersky antivirus protection also provides enhanced antiphishing protection that offers users information about websites that show up when they search so that users can avoid going to any malicious sites themselves. If a user tries to access a malicious site, Kaspersky blocks their access and informs them why.

Many of today’s cyber-attacks involve existing vulnerabilities in software applications and system configurations. This computer antivirus software systematically makes backup copies of your files before they are affected by malicious malware so that you can restore your files if your PC becomes hijacked by any ransomware.

There is also a smart update feature in which the software frequently downloads small updates to ensure that your system has the latest security signatures and definitions right away. These updates take less than one percent of system resources so that it is nonintrusive and doesn’t disrupt any other programs or activities you may be engaged in when the updates occur. Users can also customize notifications and settings so that the software reacts when necessary without being intrusive.


Kaspersky Antivirus is one protection program that delivers more than other antivirus programs. Its user interface is extremely likable and friendly to novice and expert users alike and works great on touch screen and non-touch screen PCs. Users can easily access the settings to customize or manage their security without any additional software being pushed at them.

Gamers and anyone looking to customize its configuration can easily do so to prevent or minimize the amount of notifications they receive while engaged in resource-heavy activities such as gaming. The ability to prevent notifications doesn’t prevent this software from doing its job and protecting your system.

Overall, the software requires very little resources. It doesn’t bog down your computer system like many other resource-heavy windows antivirus programs do. The software is always running in the background, detecting and preventing threats and cyber-attacks while your PC remains optimized for your use.

Customer Support

Kaspersky Labs offer its users an excellent variety of support services. Licensed users can access the online knowledge base and user forums to find answers to frequently asked questions. Standard and premium support can be accessed by email, phone and through online chat. Standard support is free and premium support is available for a fee and includes tech assistance. Phone and chat support are available 12 hours a day on weekdays only.


Multi PC licenses are much easier to manage than maintaining several individual licenses. Users considering Kaspersky should also consider purchasing a multiyear license to help bring down the cost of renewal. Kaspersky offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their Kaspersky Antivirus Software.

Our Verdict

Overall, Kaspersky Antivirus software offers users premium level security for their PC, so that they can surf the web, shop, play games, socialize and engage in many other activities without compromising their lifestyle, identity, personal information or their PC’s health and performance. Users remain fully protected against malware, spyware, and other internet based threats.

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