Norton Antivirus Review 2019

Norton Review Highlights

Norton can essentially provide anyone a safe and secure online experience due to their long-standing experience in the industry. Norton’s virus protection offers powerful benefits for your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.
    Features Include:
  • Protection against spyware, viruses, malware and other online attacks
  • Top of the industry for malware removal and firewall protection
  • Specialized security for each of your devices to maintain your privacy regardless of which platform you are using

Company Overview

The headquarters for Norton Antivirus is in Mountain View, California. Its products were first developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation in 1989. It implements malware prevention and removal during a given subscription period by using signatures to identify viruses on personal computers and mobile devices. It also features email spam filtering and phishing protection. The company has evolved to become one of the largest software firms in the world. It is a global leader providing security, storage and systems management solutions to help consumers secure and manage their online world against threats and risks. The company has a robust portfolio and a long history of technology leadership. In fact, as a worldwide research institute it has played a principal part in developing and marketing diverse, cutting-edge technologies over myriad business areas. Their first anti-spam technology provided generic exploit blocking technology to help protect the critical power-grid infrastructure of the United States. Norton’s mission is to survey and keep a finger on the pulse of the Internet security landscape.

Software Features

Feature highlights include focuses on data protection and recovery in the areas of social engineering, social networking and online scams. In additional, improved firewall rates it highest among competitors. Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup offer powerful protection for your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. Norton Mobile Security is proactive protection to help you enjoy the potential of your mobile devices and automatically notifies you about malware and other privacy risks before you download apps. Norton Utilities cleans up, tunes up and speeds up three of your personal computers with one annual subscription. Norton Family Premier helps your kids explore, learn and enjoy their connected world safely. For instance, you can easily protect private information and online reputations, teach balance and healthy habits without removing online access and easily protect all of your children’s devices with one single solution. Norton Online Backup25GB makes backing up your important files fast and easy. NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk fixes problems with your PC, Mac, smartphone and other high-tech gear for a low monthly rate. You have access to live support whenever you need it for home network help, syncing smartphones and basic troubleshooting of common apps and software. Software features are compatible with Windows 8, making it a forward-thinking choice from Norton.


Norton Antivirus is a tool that optimizes your computer to make protecting your online identity safer and simpler. Cloud-based management brings all of your protection together in one place. Automatic updates and intelligent task scheduling keeps you safe from cyber criminals. Touch-friendly support is especially ideal for keyboard and mouse environments. In fact, it is optimized to make Windows 8 run 50 percent faster, ranking it first in both performance and protection. It can alert you to potential viruses and subsequent threat removal processes because it runs continually in the background. You can modify settings to allow it to optimize your computer for enhancing performance, speeding up Web browsing, decreasing start-up time and switching protection on and off for gamers. The virus protection automatically scans your computer quickly and detects the most aggressive computer viruses.

Customer Support

Customer support is available for general help, including download and install, renewal and purchase and threat removal. Also, Norton Security for Windows, Norton Security for Mac and Norton Security for Mobile all include product support. Members have access to online live chat and phone features. An extensive FAQ section covers troubles such as running scans, renewing subscriptions and Internet connection solutions.


For the budget-conscious consumer, the price of Norton antivirus protection is well worth the value when it’s on sale. The average MSRP of Norton Security Deluxe is $79.99 per year for five devices, and with sales it comes in closer to $50.

Purchase of Norton products or renewals with a subscription term of one year or more are eligible for e refund within 60 days of the purchase date. Purchase of Norton products without a subscription are also eligible for refund within 60 days of the purchase date.

Our Verdict

In terms of malware removal, Norton Antivirus protection is among the top in the industry. The ability of the software to wipe out persistent malware is phenomenal. In the end, the software detects the majority of threats from malware-infested programs, putting it at the to top of our recommended antivirus software.

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