Panda Antivirus Review 2019

Panda Review Highlights

Panda antivirus software is easy to use and provides multiple levels of protection to suit various needs. From the Home edition to the Pro, Global, and Gold editions, Panda offers a range of tools to increase your personal online security.
    Features Include:
  • Virus scanner and removal tools
  • Safeguards for documents and other vulnerable files and data
  • Online backup to protect files in case your computer is lost or stolen

Company Overview

For more than two decades Panda has been at the forefront of online security. By developing innovative and responsive security solutions, Panda has helped users around the world remain ahead of Internet security risks. This proactive stance gives people more control over the sharing of their information. Panda virus protection software continues to use adaptive technology to precisely respond to developing security threats.

Software Features

Panda Antivirus Pro and Panda Internet Security are the two best software packages for home users. Both of these packages contain everything you need for Windows antivirus protection, including a virus cleaner and virus removal function. The Antivirus Pro also has a firewall, a rescue kit, and Wi-Fi protection. This option is ideal for those who spend time online, whether for school, working at home, or for entertainment and leisure. Competitively priced, it is a great basic package.

The virus protection offered by the Antivirus Pro functions in real-time to protect your computer more effectively. The software runs silently in the background and does not bog down your system. Unless a problem requires your attention, you will never even know that Panda is hard at work.

In addition to the computer antivirus, Wi-Fi protection, and other tools offered by the Antivirus Pro, the Panda Internet Security software package includes online backup options and parental controls. This package is ideal for families where multiple people access the Internet from one primary machine.

Whenever additional users access the Internet from the same computer, extra security is recommended. This is especially true for children and young adults who may not understand how to protect their electronic privacy and sensitive information online. Young adults can be less able to spot potential scams and phishing attempts and may compromise the security of the family computer. This software can help prevent these vulnerabilities and provides tools for correcting any problems that may arise. Furthermore, the parental control options let adults determine what security level is most appropriate for their family. All these options combine to provide a comprehensive approach to online security for home users.

To keep the program equipped with all the latest defenses against evolving Internet threats, periodic updates will take place. This provides assurance that Panda is continuing to provide the most advanced form of virus and malware protection available.


Security should be a hassle-free proposition and thanks to Panda, preserving your Internet safety is easier than ever. These security tools are designed to be user friendly and highly convenient. An easy on/off switch for gamers offers responsive connectivity; the automatic threat detection function operates silently in the background without bothering the user. All the important tools are easy to access and can be put to use at any time.

Customer Support

The Panda software service team puts their full confidence behind each of the products they offer. They have created a customer service division that stands apart from competitors. Panda offers an extensive directory of technical support solutions, including step-by-step instructions to resolve dozens of concerns. A technical support forum is also available where experienced users and Panda technicians will provide personalized guidance. Technical support over the phone is also available to registered users of Panda products.


Panda’s paid, robust protection ranges from $23.49 to $87.99 for a year of protection for one computer. The base subscription starts at 1 year but you can opt for 2 or 3 years of protection for deep discounts.

Our Verdict

The Panda suite of antivirus and data security software provides all-around support for home users. Homes with young children will likely appreciate their extensive parental controls. Their antivirus and anti-malware tools combined with responsive tech support make the software a desirable choice.

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