VIPRE Antivirus Review 2019

VIPRE Review Highlights

When it comes to warding off online threats, VIPRE virus protection has much to offer users. This includes real-time scans of your PC that don't inhibit overall performance, in addition to an extremely easy-to-use interface. Accordingly, this virus cleaner is well-suited to users of every skill level.
    Features Include:
  • Scanning available for removable devices, such as USBs
  • Capable of uncovering hard-to-remove malware
  • File eraser function allows users to remove all instances of a problematic file

Company Overview

has been in the business of protecting users from a myriad of online threats since its inception in 2008. This company has grown quite bit over the years, and is now responsible for protecting up to 5 million computers worldwide. A large part of this success is due to VIPRE's insistence on effective virus removal that doesn't come at the expense of computer performance. VIPRE is also quite adept at tracking newly emerging threats thanks to its ThreatTrack Security Lab, which affords numerous cyber defense solutions for many different types of users. VIPRE can even help protect mobile devices, which is becoming an increasing concern as people become ever more reliant on smartphones and tablets. This level of innovation is evident all throughout VIPRE's history, which is why this company is steadily becoming a leader in computer antivirus software.

Software Features

When it comes to notable features, VIPRE Antivirus software has much to offer virtually every consumer seeking advanced PC protection. The redesigned interface makes scanning and setting protection levels a far easier process, as well as allowing users to keep abreast of the most current updates. Additionally, the revamped interface renders installation a breeze, enabling users to get set up with optimum protection as soon as possible. Multiple protection levels makes monitoring real-time threats feasible, thereby minimizing the volume of risks users may encounter when online. Email scanning is great for protecting many types of email applications, including Outlook and Windows Mail. The history cleaner is another great feature, capable of purging unwanted information from your browser history in one fell swoop. Users are also able to run the necessary scans and checks without limiting their computer's performance speed, which can often be an issue with other antivirus programs. VIPRE Antivirus can even scan social media pages for hidden threats lurking in friends' profiles. This helps users remain vigilant against those concealed risks that can cause further problems down the line, such as malware and Trojans.


Ease-of-use is also a key feature of VIPRE Antivirus, whether running scans or monitoring security concerns in real-time. Settings management is greatly simplified thanks to VIPRE's fast and efficient interface, which allows users to determine their personal levels of protection with real ease. This includes protecting against all common online threats, as well as warding off those hidden risks involving malware and other programs. VIPRE's anti-rootkit function identifies and disables all such threats, while also making certain your PC's performance isn't negatively affected. Installation is extremely easy thanks to VIPRE's innovative design, which ensures a hassle-free installation process for all users.

Customer Support

To best meet the needs of many types of users, VIPRE offers a number of methods for obtaining quality tech support when in need of answers. Online options include an extensive knowledge base of relevant topics, as well as a case form that allows you to submit your questions to a qualified VIPRE representative. VIPRE also offers a one-to-one phone support that is available 24/7 in locations all over the world. For peer opinions on common issues, users can visit the helpful support forums. This option allows you to make use of related queries thanks to the collective help of VIPRE clients past and present.


VIPRE offers several pricing packages and options to best meet the needs of every consumer. Users can increase the number of PCs covered by software for a small fee, and subscriptions range from one to three years. There is even a lifetime subscription option, which affords users guaranteed protection of up to five computers. Those interested in testing this software before they buy can make use of the convenient 30-day money back guarantee, which allows users to gauge the many great abilities of VIPRE Antivirus with absolutely no risk.

Our Verdict

VIPRE Antivirus can afford quality PC protection at a price most everyone can live with. In addition to standard virus and identify protection, VIPRE also offers an abundance of less-common features, such as email scanning and social media monitoring. The only real drawback of VIPRE Antivirus is that this program may not elicit the same sort of name recognition as similar products, which can deter some users from purchasing. However, the 30 day money back guarantee allows users to get acquainted with VIPRE before making the purchase final.

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