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Webroot Antivirus Review 2019

Webroot Review Highlights

Webroot’s intuitive design makes it easy for non-computer users to protect their Mac or PC. The antivirus protection program also includes free phone and online support.
    Features Include:
  • Webroot virus protection includes BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services, which provide comprehensive threat intelligence
  • Award-winning services are custom-tailored to fit specific security needs
  • Users have access to best-in-class customer satisfaction

Company Overview

Conceived in 1997 and located in Colorado, Webroot is a computer antivirus market leader that has changed the face of internet threat detection. The company protects more than 7 million home users, one million mobile users and a million commercial users. Microsoft, GateProtect, RSA, Cisco and NetCitadel are a few of the market-leading security companies that trust Webroot’s smartphone, Mac and Windows antivirus protection.

Webroot is currently positioned as the biggest privately-held online security company operating in the U.S. The company has spread across the globe to international locations, including Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Webroot has received industry awards including the 2012 Bronze Edison Award, 2012 Editor’s Choice for PC Mag, and consistent AV-test certification since January 2013.

Software Features

Webroot’s virus protection software for home users includes Antivirus, Internet Security Plus and Internet Security Complete. The real-time anti-phishing feature proactively observes all online content to shield you from harmful websites. Examples include websites that might steal your personal information, even if you’re the very first would-be victim of such sites. The revolutionary Infrared protection engine learns from your habits to customize your online security needs, taking care of malware before it has an opportunity to harm your system.

The SecureAnywhere mobile protection program keeps your identity and personal data well-guarded as you’re banking, shopping and using social media on your tablet or smartphone. The feature also automatically scans all of your app’s harmful viruses and malware. Even better, you don’t have to worry about Webroot draining your device’s battery or interrupting you while you use your device. You also have the ability to erase, lock or locate a lost device.

Webroot’s software is well known for using up as much as 143 times less disk space than other computer antivirus programs, including McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro and Kaspersky. Their program offers the fastest scheduled scans, as much as 16 times faster than their competitors. Users also have the advantage of having their protection up and running in five seconds and operating 38 times faster than competitors. The robust software is capable of protecting as many as five PCs, Macs or mobile devices.


Webroot is designed to use 11 times less computer memory during system idle time when compared with its competitors. This is great for gamers. You can easily set up your preferences and forget about them as the virus protection runs in the background without slowing your system or interrupting your computer use. The software provides background identity protection that safeguards all usernames, passwords, account numbers and security codes.

Creating passwords becomes easier with the password management feature. It encrypts all of your passwords for tablets, smartphones, desktops and laptops. Webroot also has special settings for gamers that reduce access times, improve drive space and optimize game performance.

Customer Support

Webroot offers a variety of customer support, including installation assistance, user guides, tutorials, video and a knowledge base. While using the knowledge base, you have the option of printing out your session for your convenience. Users can create a ticket if they have a question or explore solutions to common problems on the community forum. In addition to using the community forum, you can call or email a customer support representative for help.


Webroot’s Antivirus software for a single PC or Mac starts off at $39.99.

Webroot offers a 70-day 100% money back guarantee, unlike most anti-malware and antivirus protection software manufacturers who only offer a 30-day guarantee.

Our Verdict

Webroot offers solid, award-winning protection for a variety of electronic devices that’s easy to install and use. They are one of the top-selling internet security retail brands in the US. Their software provides a powerful shield against all manner of online threats without taking much system space. For gamers, this feature will be especially desirable.

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