New Computer Virus Outsmarts Millions in the U.S.

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You should have known better. You wouldn’t dream of clicking a strange email message’s link. Not even if it came from one of your closest friends. And you long ago learned how to spot fake senders too. You know to be on guard even if the message claims to be from your bank.

But this was different -- a Facebook message from a bargain-obsessed Friend tipping off a special sale. Sure the price sounded almost too good to be true, but your Friend had a gift at finding real steals.

It was a real steal for sure. The first sign of trouble was when you found out your bank account was completely empty. What happened? You became the newest victim to the clever computer virus known as ZeuS.

The New York Times calls ZeuS “a particularly nasty Trojan horse”. The virus has infected millions of computers, most of them in the United States. Over the past seven years its victims have included big names in American business: ABC, Cisco, Oracle, and even the whiz kids at NASA.

Years ago, the worst thing a virus could do was delete some files. Sure it was annoying. Yes you spent days fixing it. But at least it didn’t cost you any real money. ZeuS is a new breed of super-virus designed to actually steal money.

Imagine for a moment you login to your bank’s website to pay some bills as you normally do. This time it says it doesn’t recognize your computer. When you click to login, you’re sent to a new page that still looks just like your bank’s website. You go through the security questions as you’ve done before, pay your bills, and log off. In a matter of minutes your money is transferred to a foreign bank account and out of reach of local law enforcement.

Protection from viruses and other online crimes is becoming more important than ever. Most traditional antivirus products only protect against downloaded viruses, and do not protect you online. Make sure your security product provides protection from offline and online dangers. Symantec’s Norton Security is the industry leader in the fight against online threats like ZeuS. The #1 trusted security program in the U.S. and around the world, it has a proven track record of finding and stopping the ZeuS virus.

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